Cupcakes Banner

To make the cakes banner, you will need fabrics from the Makower Party Time range:

  • One fat quarter of Pink Cupcakes - code 062P
  • One fat quarter of Cream Cupcakes - code 062Q
  • One fat quarter of Blue Cupcakes - code 062B
  • One fat quarter of Candy Stripe fabric - code 060
  • 50com (1/2 yd) or two fat quarters of Dots fabric for backing - code 059
  • 25 x 25cm (10 x 10in) cream felt
  • 43 x 69cm (17 x 27in) wadding
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • 45cm (18in) hanging rod


We have given in centimetres and inches, but please do not combine the two. Choose to work in either centimetres or inches, and stick with that.

Where to buy

Makower fabrics are widely available from most quilt shops and from mail order retailers. For stockists visit Makower UK.

It's fun to collect pin badges, rosettes, charity pins and brooches. Don't hide them away in a cupboard or drawer. Make a hanging badge banner for your bedroom or playroom and display your badge collection for all your friends to see! You could also sew on other badges too.

The banner is about 90cm (36in) long and about 45cm (18in) wide. You can make yours longer or shorter if you wish. Our cupcake banner also has three big pockets, for scrunchies, jewellery, notes, sweets and toys.

We used Makower fabrics for this banner. Makower have lots of lovely picture labels and theme fabrics to choose from for boys and girls (and even for grown-ups), such as pets, flowers, zoo, farm and forest animals, party, seaside, teddies, owls, sewing and lots more. Alternatively, raid a stash at home or cut up clothes you are now too big for.

Cupcakes Banner

  1. Cut one pink, one cream and one blue cupcake piece, each 45cm (19 1/2in)wide and 18cm (7in) high.Cut two pieces of stripe fabic 45cm( 19 1/2in) wide and 12cm (4 3/4in) high. Keep the rest of the cupcake fabric for step 4.
    Cupcakes detail
  2. Start with the pink cupcake piece at the top. Sew a stripe piece underneath. Sew a cream cupcake piece on the bottom and then another stripe piece. Sew the blue cupcake piece onto the bottom of the banner. Make sure they are all the right way up. Press your banner and trim so it is 72cm (28in) long.
  3. Cut a backing piece 45cm (19 1/2in) wide and 72cm (28in) high from dots fabric, or sew two fat quarters together. Pin your banner on top of the backing, right sides together and matching the edges. Sew the two long sides only. Turn right sideout and press. Take the pins out. Turn the top and bottom hems of your banner under by about l .25cm (1/2in) and press.
  4. Cut out six 12 x 10cm (4 3/4 x 4in) rectangles of dots fabric. Cut out six assorted rectangles of cupcake fabric 12cm (4 3/4in) wide and 10cm (4in) high. Choose three cupcake rectangles for the top. Pin a cupcake rectangle and a dots rectangle right sides together.

Sew Safe! Be very careful with sharp scissors, pins and needles, and remember that an iron gets very hot. Please ask an adult to help you with these items.

  1. With a 6mm (1/4in) seam allowance, sew up one side, across the top and down the other side. Leave the bottom open. Make three the same. Turn right side out and ask a helper to press them for you. Slip the open edge of the rectangles inside the top hem and pin, spacing them evenly. Sew across the top hem to hold them in place.
    Cupcake Banner
    Cupcake Banner
  2. Next, slide the wadding inside the banner. The wadding should lie flat inside. lf it is too long or too wide, trim a little bit off. Pin it in place. Choose your bottom three cupcake rectangles. Pin a cupcake rectangle and a dots rectangle right sides together. With a 6mm (1/4in) seam allowance, sew down one side of the rectangle, across the bottom and up the other side. Leave the top open this time. Make three the same. Turn right side out and press.
  3. Now slip the open edge of the bottom rectangles inside the bottom hem and pin, spacing them evenly. Sew across the bottom hem to hold them in place. Take out all the pins. To quilt your banner, sew a line of stitching down each side and sew a line of stitching between each section.
  4. To make the hanging loops, cut three pieces of cream felt 8 x 23cm (3 x 9in) and fold them in half. Pin them to the back of the top rectangles, with the fold sticking up about 2.5cm (1in) above the top. Sew across the top and bottom of each rectangle, to hold the felt in place at the back.
  5. lf you would like some pockets, cut three more pieces of cupcake fabric 35cm (14in) wide and 14cm (57in) high. Turn under and press a narrow hem on all four sides. Sew across the top hem to hold it in place. Pin the pockets onto your banner, keeping them level and central. Sew down the two sides and along the bottom of each pocket. Sew a line up the middle if you wish to divide your pockets in two. Hang your banner up with a thin rod. Well done!

Helpers' Note

You can use a piece of dowelling or net curtain rod for the hanging pole.

First published in Popular Patchwork March 2008