We started our first postcard swap in November, and began with two groups of six members each. This grew and by the end of the Swap we had three groups of six, although we did have a bit of juggling on the way! Our Swappers were all members of the forum, but we were quite an international group, with Brenda D in Australia, Brenda R and Francoise in France and Kerstin in Germany. We made one postcard per month, and tried a variety of themes. The November theme was supposed to be an easy one to start us off, "Holidays", and this produced cards ranging from the Antipodean to Xmas! In December we made cards about "Food"and January's theme was "County" (or Region for our overseas swappers). In February, I think I frightened everyone to death by requesting postcards about "Science", but everyone rose to the challenge and we had some brilliant and clever cards, including two great Einsteins! The last round of the swap was in March, and we had a "Book"ish theme. Again there were some lovely cards, and it was interesting to see what our choices revealed about our personalities!
Thanks very much to Helen P, Janet, Tessa, Angela H, Helen G, Fiona, Ros, Cath, Kerstin, Jenny B, Angela F, Francoise, Brenda D, Brenda R, Jo and Marian for taking part. We have a new postcard swap underway at the moment, with five new groups. This swap will be slightly shorter, and a new one will start in the Autumn. So if you'd like to join in next time, just send a message to Katy, and we'll add you to the list to start in September.