Our November Join Prize, a copy of Cynthia Tomaszewski's "Quilts from Paradise" was won by Maura Bangs from Wallington. Maura was delighted to win the prize, and has already become an active member in our forum.

Maura says, "Thank you so much for my prize - a new perspective on quilts and quilting is always fascinating, and this book sounds as if it will be full of colour to brighten up the dark days ahead."

Maura's lovely green bird quilt

"I gave up my teaching job in July to fulfil a long-held dream of developing my quilting, embroidery and textile skills, and possibly finding a way of making them pay, even a little. I used to write for another patchwork publication, back in 1999/2000, but looking after my mother, who suffered from dementia for many years, and then after she died in 2006, increasing my teaching hours to full time, meant that I had less and less time for the aspects of life - like quilting - that feed the soul."

"With my children now in their early twenties, and just about launched on the world, I thought now was the time to make the jump & try to find a new path in life. My dear husband was completely behind me - I think he'd got fed up with me complaining about long hours spent on paperwork and inspections. I don't regret the move, although it felt very odd in September, when school started - the first time I haven't been settling in a new Reception class for many years. I miss the children - you see such change in them over a year, and can't help but become very fond of each successive class."

"These past few months have been great, though - I've been getting to know my Little Gracie quilting frame and Pfaff Grandquilter, and I launched my Etsy shop last week, no sales yet, sadly, although lots of people looking - www.skyparlourquilts.etsy.com."

"Thank you again for this tremendous surprise - I will treasure myprize!"