C&T Publishing US$25.95

ISBN: 978-1-57120-658-9 (s/b, 80 pages plus bonus CD)

If you are not interested in getting your photos onto your quilts, stop reading now. This book is not for you! However, for those computer addicts amongst you, this book would be a useful addition to your collection. If you want to play with your photos and learn how to turn them into a piece ready to be printed onto fabric, but are a bit scared of image manipulation software, this book will leave you with no excuses left as to why you should not try. It even has a CD with a trial version of Photoshop Elements 6 so you can start straight away. Each section of the book takes a photo and runs it through many of the options of Photoshop Elements, which is a great reference for your own experimenting. I use Photoshop regularly and I picked up some useful hints and ways of making things simpler. The book continually refers to its predecessor, Altered Photo Artistry, as the same material, such as options for getting your digital image onto fabric, is not covered in both books. Whilst this is admirable, I don't have the earlier book and was a bit frustrated with this. However, even if you do have the other book, I think this one would still be useful and would expand your knowledge and confidence further.