Three shows in 2014: Textile Festivals organizes three shows in 2014. Both EXPO VELDHOVEN and EXPO BERLIN have already taken place last May. The 18th edition of the Open European Quilt Championships (OEQC) will be held from October 23rd until October 26th 2014 in NH Koningshof in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

2015 Veldhoven becomes Maastricht: The Open European Quilt Championships will take place for the last time in NH Koningshof in Veldhoven in 2014. From 2015 onwards the championships will be organized in Maastricht Exposition and Congress Centre, also known as MECC Maastricht.

2015 no show in May: EXPO VELDHOVEN was organized for the first time in 2013 to bridge a long period between the Open European Quilt Championships of 2012 and 2013. EXPO VELDHOVEN is a small scaled version of OEQC without the competitive element of the championships. After the second edition of EXPO VELDHOVEN in 2014 we found that both visitors and stallholders preferred the Open European Quilt Championships over EXPO VELDHOVEN since all aspects of quilting are represented and the competitive element makes OEQC more interesting. This made Textile Festivals decide to continue with only the Open European Quilt Championships in October.

2015 Quilt Festival Berlin: The fact that EXPO VELDHOVEN does not continue in 2015 has no influence on the organization of EXPO BERLIN and the Open European Quilt Championships. EXPO BERLIN will continue in 2015 with a new name: QUILT FESTIVAL BERLIN. QUILT FESTIVAL BERLIN will take place from August 7th until August 9th 2015 in STATION BERLIN at the Luckenwalderstrasse 4-6 in Berlin.