3 pack hand dyed spunbonded fabrics £9 3 Hand dyed fabrics, dyed in the same colours Lutradur 30, Evolon soft, Zeelon medium. 23 cm wide by 25 cmKaren Platt, hand dyer and colorist has just launched her new collection of hand dyed spunbonded fabrics, to match her existing unique hand dyed fabrics and threads. Dyed with the same colours, the fabrics and threads all match perfectly, yet each takes the dye differently adding dimension to textile work, creative embroidery and quilting.
Karen enjoys experimenting with new fabrics and seeing what they can contribute to traditional skills.
“I love the new spunbonded fabrics since they are very versatile,’ she told us. ‘Hand dyeing them is a wonderful experience as they react so well with dyes. I have made dozens of experiments with these fabrics. I have now come up with an ever expanding range of hand dyed and hand printed spunbonded fabrics that people can use in their projects at home without having to find space or time to dye.”
At present Karen is offering a unique range of spunbonded fabrics plain, hand dyed, hand printed, hand stamped from her studio. The example shown here is a pack of 3 hand dyed spunbonded fabrics, Lutradur 30, Evolon soft and Zeelon medium dyed in the same colours, each piece measures 23 cm wide by 25 cm. This pack costs £9. See more of the new fabrics and Karen's other beautiful hand dyed fabric and threads online at www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk