So this is my quilt version for you – a mystery quilt designed in seven parts, which uses simple pieced units to make a finished quilt that looks wonderfully complex and intricate and should keep you guessing right ’til the end!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned quilter, you’ll enjoy making this quilt; each month you’ll get instructions for making a particular unit – none of the them are difficult to piece (in fact they’re all very simple), but the mark of a good mystery is how these simple ‘clues’ combine to make a complex ending. Accuracy is always important in patchwork, but particularly when combining lots of different patchwork units into a whole quilt, so check your cutting and piecing accuracy before you start making the units and sew several test units before you make the others. Do this every month, not just at the start, to ensure that everything goes together like a dream.

I’m going to take you through two different versions each month; the first is designed and coloured by me and pieced by my good friend Joan Drake. It features fresh Alison Glass Sun Prints mixed with charcoal grey linen texture for a dazzling stained glass window of a modern quilt. This is a light on dark version since the colours will pop against a charcoal background. The second version is made using a wonderful collection of scraps from my stash. I’ve combined rich medium and dark browns and blues in place of the modern brights with a wonderfully eclectic variety of cream, beige, and tan prints for the backgrounds to produce a dark on light version where my blues and browns work with a light background.

Since I pulled fabrics from my stash there are no quantities given for the scrap version. You can get a rough idea from the Sun Prints shopping list, but keep in mind that some of your scraps will be more user-friendly than others and you may need more or less; the units are evenly distributed over the quilt, so you can add in extra lights or darks in later units if you run out. The only exception to this is the border print, which I’ve given quantities for. I’ve used a blue, brown, and tan large scale print, which pulls all the colours in my scrap version together.

This pattern would work with any collection of light and dark fabrics, just make sure you sort your fabrics into two piles before you begin and decide which will be your coloured fabrics and which will be your backgrounds. 


Part 1
September 2017

Part 2
October 2017


Part 3
November 2017

Part 4
December 2017
Part 5
January 2018

Part 6
February 2018


  Sun Prints fabric chart