'Scrap Basket Surprizes - 18 Quilts from 2  strips

Cico Books £9.99

IBSN 978-1-908170-84-2 (s/b 128 pages)

I think that the book is good because it has easy AND hard things in it. It is easy to read and easy to follow and has clear pictures It tells you how easy or hard each project is with a project level of 1 to 3. From the book I have made braid bracelets, a pencil case, a pencil roll, bunting, appliquéd lavender bags and mug covers but there are lots of other nice things to make in the book By Scarlet Bodman aged 8 ¾.
We think Scarlet has more or less said all that needs to be said! There are 35 projects in total and it is widely available!