Debs says, "That is a really nice surprise - I very rarely win anything! I am pleased to say the book arrived safely this morning and it looks really interesting - had a quick flick through it over tea and a hot cross bun this morning."
"As for me, not a lot to say. I had to take (very!) early retirement a while ago due to ill health and had put aside all my quilting stuff as I hadn't the energy and had lost focus but a visit to a local quilt show a while ago has fired me up again. I'm between homes at the moment so all my stuff is in storage so no quilts and no photos! I did manage to bring with me a random bag of bits which I hoped would keep me going and my sewing machine (which 'died' over the Easter holiday so I am trying to find the nearest Bernina hospital!). The random bag of bits has in fact produced three UFOs which Janet has just added to the UFO zapping list for 2010 - so there is one photo there!"
I have always made things from a very early age, my mother and grandmother encouraged me to knit, sew embroider etc though I hated the school sewing, didn't we all! I didn't do dolls clothes but my model horses had the best rug collection!
"I did my City and Guilds a few years ago, got the design certificate but never completed the quilting part as the college I went to concentrated on embroidery and dressmaking and didn't really know what to do with a lone quilter!"
"I have been playing around with quilting for a long time, but I am not a great finisher of things! The quilting bug must be an inherited gene. My grandmother originated from Co Durham and as a child visiting her, my sister and I slept on two old quilts which always fascinated me. She encouraged my sewing and I remember that out in their shed was what I was told was her mother's quilting frame which she brought down when her mother died. She obviously wanted to keep it or may even have intended to start quilting again. Don't know what happened to the frame and what wouldn't I give for it now! Luckily I do have the two old quilts, one a pink wholecloth and the other a red and white single irish chain pattern. Both of them are very well worn and one has possibly lost it's original edges but they are my link to my quilting ancestors. My grandmother told me she remembered her mother making one of them which would date them to somewhere between 1895 and 1914. I don't have children and so far none of my four nieces or one nephew has shown any signs of being a quilter but the creative streak is definitely there! Oh and I have started the 'Stay at Home Round Robin' as well but no photos yet - will have to borrow a camera that actually has the cable to join it to the pc!"