Sue says, "What a lovely surprise to have won something - and I thought I had just signed in to advertise my quilt groups exhibition!"

"A bit about me, how daunting...I have been quilting on and off for years. Mt first quilt was made in the 1970's with a bag of Laura Ashley offcuts from their dress making, It cost all of £1 and I made a grannys garden quilt over papers the old fashioned way - a cot quilt for my first son. Fast forward 20 years and I took some classes at a local quilters house and became really hooked. I then joined my local group - King Alfred's Quilters and have never looked back."
"Joining a group is such a good way to learn new things, get good help and advice but most importantly to make lots of good friends.My go to fabrics would be sludgy colours or ethnic fabrics, but doing group workshops and challenges makes you work outside your comfort zone!"
"My 9 year old granddaughter Kayla has also discovered my stash and we made this quilt together for her India topic at school. She did all the design and fabric choice, I just helped a bit with the sewing on of the embellishments - that's another thing, I like to add to my quilts, lots of beads and buttons, even shells and a bit of lace (I am a lacemaker too)."
"My challenge for this year is to use fabric from my stash not buy more, how long this will last I dont know! I have made a start on my stash with my most recent quilt, I made some lace footprints and thought I would use them on a seaside quilt. It just grew as I thought of more blocks I would like to make.Its all about what the seaside means to me, I was brought up in Devon on the coast . Quite how I ended up in Oxfordshire which is as far from the sea as possible I don't know. But I am really pleased with how it turned out, this quilt will be staying with me!"
We love both the quilts you've shared with us Sue, they are beautiful. We hope King Alfred's Quilters exhibition will be a great success, and that you'll come back and tell us how it went. Of course, we love to see you joining in with a few of our online activities too.