Sally is a lovely lady and an experienced quilter. She dropped by our stand at Festival of Quilts, for a chat, and to request that we published some projects that were a little more suited to her aspirations. I talked to her and recommended that she joined the website and had a look at some of your work, and get to know some of our more technical members who had similar interests.

Sally duly joined the website, but she's been very quiet so far, so I didn't link the online Sally with the real life one until I sent her prize, a copy of 'Handmade Hostess' by Kelly Lee-Creel and Rebecca Soder, and read her name and address, and remembered the Sally that I'd spoken to previously. I wasn't sure that she would be very impressed with her prize, but I sent it as usual, and I had already asked Sally to tell us a little about herself, so I waited for a reply.

Sally sent a lovely reply, and said, "What a lovely surprise, and what a nice book too. While I was thinking what to write for you, the post arrived and there was the book - so I was a bit overwhelmed.  I understand what you meant about it perhaps not being my sort of book, but as I dived into it I found lots of ideas, perhaps not always what the authors had intended but that doesn't matter."

"I have sent a photo of me at the Eureka MT quilt show 2012, which explains why I look very hot, they hold this show outdoors on the first Saturday in August and so far (since 2004) they have had hot sunny weather. The small quilt with a garden picture is the one I entered."

"Two weeks ago (after FOQ) I had a knee replacement op, and it has really slowed me down. Why this has surprised me I don't know, as it is my second but I really don't remember the first one being quite so painful.  I am told that my memory has erased the bad bits of the first one and I know it will be fine in the end." 

"When I joined PP I was going to do the profile etc, but then I got stuck as I don't often get pictures of me, take lots of other things, but then rarely of myself.  So I put it off like you do, and then all of a sudden I was rushing round trying to get ready to go for the knee op and everything else fell by the wayside."

"Patchwork - well I guess this began because I am a fabricaholic and what better excuse to buy lots of fabrics - the FQ was invented for people like me!  Perhaps because of this I am not keen on very heavy quilting - I just don't want to obscure the print. Yes, I know I am not fashionable in this but I do like my quilts to drape round me to keep me warm."

"I wondered about doing a gallery of my quilts similar in style to Alison's, wow, I was really impressed when I saw her album! But this will have to be a bit later. I do photograph them - the only one I haven't yet is a version in asian fabrics of the one from the 'next month's projects' from the Nov 2012 of PP - but I have only just finished it - I did the binding as something to 'sit and sew' at our monthly quilter's meeting so it spread out over a few months. Most of my quilts so far have been bed quilts and a few bags but I am starting to branch out into landscapes / wall hangings."

"The only other thing I have done in recent years is to drive through the Rocky Mountains visiting as many quilting shops as I can find! I did this in 2008,9,10 and 12.  2014 is a target! This is a magical holiday and I have met many really nice quilters."

"I learned to knit when I was 5 - I don't remember the basics but the teacher used to sit one kid at each side (boys included) and listen to one of us reading while keeping her eye on the other who knitted the 'class scarf'. The year after we all did our own scarf - this taught us  knit rows, increasing, dividing the knitting into two, knit one pearl one, joining up the two halves into one again, knit rows until long enough and then reversing the splitting and rejoining and decreasing. I can't think how many times I have knitted this really warm if not fashionable scarf. Obviously we never had a pattern."

"I learned to sew at Grammar school  - our teacher was something of a tyrant - anything less than perfection had to come out - I think most of the girls disliked her - they probably weren't interested in the subject but I was and I think of her many times - if I am debating whether or not something is ok or needs to be redone she comes straight to the front of my mind - it doesn't matter if everyone tells me that no-one will notice the mistake or scruffy sewing she would say 'But you will see it every time you see the garment' .  When I was 50 or so I did a C&G in Fashion Studies - I think Miss Stray sat on my shoulder for the whole 2 years!  Anyway I did ok.  The best bit of the course was that we did every process you could imagine and I made all the stages for each one and mounted them in a folder so now if I have forgotten something I have an instant reference. We had an excellent tailoress teaching this part of the course. So I have been very lucky there. So I have made clothes for years - only wilting a bit when I took up patchwork about 12/13 years ago. I have recently started again - I saw how big my garment stash was! - am hoping to keep up with both."

"My other non-stitching hobbies are gardening, painting and hill-walking - all these for most of my life."

"What are my other interests? Well I have always been interested in aircraft and flew gliders for a hobby for 25 years - 10 of them as an instructor.  We decided to give this up in 2000 and took up scuba diving - here I have to admit that this soon became a warm water only/ holidays thing.  So my knee had better get a shift on as the Christmas diving holiday is rushing towards us. Actually it can be a very relaxed, low physical effort thing and as the crew where I go know me they will make the getting out of the water easy for me."

Sally sounds like she has ten times more energy than I do, and I'm sure she will feel very at home here in our forum. I hope we get to see some more of her work and that her knee heals very soon.