Angela's Bags
Angela says, "Thank you so much for my prize. I have only just recently started sewing again. After leaving school I worked as a seamstress making soft furnishings, in my spare time I would also make all sorts of other crafty items. Then along came my children and this all got put on hold. The children are getting older now and I am finding myself with more time. I have always wanted to have a go at patchwork and quilting, but after looking at projects in some magazines, found the idea of a big quilt a bit daunting. Then I spotted the Popular Patchwork handbag special. After getting this home I couldn’t put it down, I have already made two of the bags, which have quilting and patchwork elements in them, and can’t wait to start my next project. Since subscribing to the magazine and getting full access to the web site, and lots of the back issues, I have found a wealth of information and inspiration. The thing I like best is the variety of projects not just quilts but anything from a bag to a fabric cupcake."
Thanks Angela, we hope you enjoy your new hobby and your new book!