Jennifer from Westhill was the winner of the last join prize of 2009, she won a copy of Ferret's great Sampler book, "Ferreting Around, A contemporary sampler quilt". Jennifer sent us a photo of her beautiful charity quilt, and let us know how she's enjoying being a member of Popular Patchwork online.
Jennifer says, "I was delighted to receive the December Join Prize from Popular Patchwork online.  Being a subscriber is great as I now have access to everything on this excellent site.  I particularly enjoy being able to leaf through the back copies of the magazine - that is just SO clever!"
"I only discovered patchwork and quilting after I retired, but then I became ADDICTED!   I have attended numerous classes and exhibitions, and my shelves are now groaning under the weight of the books and magazines I have acquired and, of course, of my ever-growing stash!   I have met so many lovely people who share this interest."
"Attached is a photograph of a quilt I made recently from a block I downloaded for free from the internet.  It is called the Depression Block from the early 1930's when it was made with old scraps.  I intend to donate the quilt to CLAN which is an independent charity for anyone affected by cancer."
"I look forward to reading Ferret's book and thank you again most sincerely for this wholly unexpected prize."