Lottie says, "I have recently graduated from university and am currently taking a year out before I start law school in September."

"I am very new to patch work, as I only started once I finished uni. As a result I have only completed one quilt on my own so far. However I am a part of my local quilting group, where I have been part of making a quilt for village summer fete as a fundraiser. The photo shows my first quilt, which was made out of the left overs from the one we made in our group. I really enjoyed making it an can't wait to get started on my next project."

"My first introduction to patchwork was when I was about five or six when my nanny and I started to make one together. Unfortunately we didn't get very far as she became very ill so for years it was put away waiting to be finished. It remains unfinished, but is certainly on the list of things to do."

"Finding popular patchwork was great,  it is so good to be able to find so much advice from many different people all in one place. It is a very useful tool for a beginner to have."

We love your quilt Lottie, and look forward to seeing your next creation. Hope you enjoy being a part of our web community, and good luck at Law School in September!