We love to hear more about our new members, so I was really pleased to receive this message from our July winner Jacquie. I hope Jacquie will enjoy her new book, and being part of the Popular Patchwork forum.

Jacquie says, "When I was younger (I am a pensioner now)  I made the square type of patchwork, but life took over and I didn't do anymore. Several years ago I became a Prayer Pastor, we stay at the base while the Street Pastors are out on their rounds, there I met Joy, she is in her 80's and she makes beautiful hand sewn patchwork quilts my interest in the craft was rekindled again. I began borrowing the magazine from the library, last month I bought my own. I want to try Sidney Snail for my young grandson and I like the idea of the Flying High. I am a maths person so the geometrical shapes intrigue, me so I will have fun with those. I have been to several quilt exhibitions including the one advertised in the magazine at Burton. So many ideas, and beautiful quilts. Now to get the scissors, material, needle and cotton and get started "