We've met Kaz in our forum, where she has been sharing the progress of her Race T-shirt quilt. You can take a look at her work here

Kaz says, "That's fantastic, thank you so much."

"At 45 years old I have just started patchwork quilting, as I am a keen runner and every race I entered I was given a t-shirt and usually they are 3 sizes too big so they were just stuck in the wardrobe.  I just happened to come across a pic of a quilt someone in America had made and thought "I can do that with my old race t-shirts" Each one has a memory of what happened that day. I don't have a sewing machine yet (its on my birthday list) but I have really enjoyed sewing the pieces together by hand, now I am at the quilting stage it is a bit more difficult without a machine, but I am learning an awful lot as I go.  So my next project should be a little easier."

"The forum and your website has been invaluable and the people so helpful and encouraging. I hope my photo album will be as good as everyone else's in a few years time :)"

Welcome to the forum Kaz! Thanks for joining, and we hope that you'll have fun here!