Anne emailed Popular Patchwork and said "Thank you so much for you email informing me that I've won the December join prize. I am absolutely thrilled."
"I moved to Spain in November 2014 to be able to take early retirement and enjoy the good weather. In the UK, I lived in Sudbury, Suffolk and worked as a secretary at a local primary school for a few years in early 2000s. While there a local silk company offered the school some sample material. There was so much that after the school took what they required, I was allowed to take the rest home. So I brought this material to Spain. I decided to take up patchwork quilting and joined a class in LA Alfoquia, where I am learning to hand stitch patchwork quilting. Our first project was a lap quilt. I have decided to extend it to a full size double bed quilt, which is still a work in progress."
"It was at this class that I first came across Popular Patchwork back issues, which I was allowed to borrow. Thus inspiring me to visit the website, which is absolutely tremendous. I joined the forum and was immediately welcomed. I then put a picture of the quilt I am working on and received many lovely messages from other members. I think I must have read everything on the website. I really enjoy all the projects and can't wait to try some of the beginners projects, I especially want to try machine quilting."
"I have always wanted to sew and the only other project I've ever completed was a pair of curtains."
We hope Anne will continue to enjoy her new skills and our forum. If you haven't signed up yet, please do, you could also be in with a chance to win a prize too!