Alison wrote, "What a lovely surprise, I have been so lucky with Popular Patchwork. When I first subscribed the joining incentive was a Moda jelly roll , then I was lucky enough to receive the April Orchard Quilt Kit give away - still to be used -  and now this it's like waiting for a bus and then 3 turn up....."
Alisons snuggle quilt
"So, what can I tell you about myself, I've been married to Chris for 29 years, we married and lived on my island home of Jersey in the Channel Islands until 2000 when we moved to rural Lincolnshire, we thought of it as a life-style change and our lives certainly did change when, 20 years later than expected, and at the grand age of 47, Helen was born, our one and only child, who is now 6 years old.  We also have 2 cats called Harvey and Poppy and a Cairn terrier called Bonnie.  Helen looks after her Russian dwarf hamster called Cutie and I try to quilt as often as I can usually late into the night."
"I started quilting in September 2008 by joining a group of ladies who meet in Horncastle, Monday mornings, under the leadership/tutorship of Steve Jephson, and have been with them ever since. Steve is a lovely lady with infinite patience and encourages us to add our own designs to the projects she presents to us.  My fellow Horncastle quilters make amazing quilts by hand - they have accepted my quirkiness as I tend to use my machine at every opportunity. Presently we are all working on making ourselves a quilt depicting the seasons through the life of our gardens.  I was also invited to join the Lady Crafters who meet in the Church Hall at Holland Fen on Friday afternoons, a lovely way to start and finish the week."
"I was hooked  immediately (avoiding orange peel and cathedral window) and have already got a stash of materials and list of wish-to-do-projects"
"My favourite projects involve making snuggles - a patchwork/blockwork top put on top of an anti-pil fleece and then quilted and bound, this idea was shown to me by a generous and brilliant machine quilter, Martha Milne (her website is inspirational). The photos I've attached  are of the snuggle made for my daughter Helen. We had great fun choosing the materials and once pieced I machined stars on the patchwork border and crowns on the central panel,  then I embellished the crowns with sequins and beads."
Alisons snuggle quilt
"My introduction to Popular Patchwork began when I was given a huge amount of your magazines - dating back years rather than months and I loved them, so many projects. I spread the joy amongst my fellow quilters, only keeping the issues that had a specific design or interest for me.  I could not resist the annual subscription when it not only offered value for money but also a free Moda Jelly roll - am I the only person who delights in looking and talking to new fabrics?!!"
Alisons snuggle quilt
"Finally I discovered your website and enjoy it, I love the projects and blocks area but to be honest, I try  to avoid a sneak  preview of the next month's magazine.  It is amazing to see so many wonderful pieces of work in one place.  I must admit it took me a while to figure out some of the abbreviatons, even as simple as PP and the fact that the forum's latest contribution isn't necessarily the first one on the screen, but the penny is dropping.  I haven't taken the plunge yet for the round robin type forum/groups but maybe once I have finished my nephew's wedding snuggle, my sister's 60th birthday snuggle, mother-in-law's longer winter snuggle I'll be able to join in."