Size: 60" square                  Block: 12" square


Fabrics from the Katie’s Cats collection from Makower, or to your choice:

  • 60cm Green Spot (830/GY)
  • 30cm Purple Spot (830/LP)
  • 40cm Orange Spot (830/NY)
  • Fat quarter Pink Spot (830/PL)
  • 75cm Turquoise Spot (830/TB)
  • 40cm White Cats Allover (2348/Q)
  • Fat quarter Black Cats Allover (2348/S)
  • 30cm Blue Scattered Cats (2349/B)
  • Fat quarter White Scattered Cats (2349/Q)
  • 40cm Yellow Scattered Cats (2349/Y)
  • 40cm White Hearts (2350/Q)
  • 1, Katie’s Cats Panel (2352/1)
  • 1¾m Solid White (2000/W02)
  • 50cm Black Chalky Stripe (2347/S) – binding
  • 70" Square wadding
  • 3½m Backing

Find the instructions to make this quilt in the Spring issue of P&Q