Crosley-Griffith Pub Co Inc £17.49

ISBN: 978-0929589121 (s/b 128)

This book is one of several quilting books written by this author. In this one she takes the traditional log cabin quilt and turns it into something amazing. She has so many ways to turn and twist this basic and popular block. You can imagine this lady spending her life at a desk and sewing machine, she has many patterns, not just in this book, but also in the others she has produced.
Judy doesn't seem to emphasize on a colour sequence as she prefers to use any and all colours. Somehow this just works with her designs, as you can see from her books and website,
In this book, Judy gives 66 different log cabin layouts, along with quilts she has designed. These are all with accompanied by instructions, which I found fairly easy, and the quilts are made up in beautiful colours. On her website, you can go into the photo area, and then click on the various pattern/quilt names from the book. These photos show you the many quilts from her books made by her followers and fans, and the colours are amazing to say the least. Colour sequence doesn't seem to matter they all blend really well.
Most people cut fabric width wise but Judy prefers to cut length wise as that way there is no stretch. After trying this method for myself she is right, it seems that the logs fit better at the seams. If you ladies have a stash of fat quarters, and let's face it we all do, this book is for you as Judy gives all instructions in fat quarters and tells you how many you will need. I had 120 and now I know what I will do with mine. Please visit her website for lots more colour ideas. I have her book 'Cookies-Quilts', I am now waiting eagerly for her book 'Stellar Quilts' to drop through my door. I purchase her books through Amazon Books.