How did you start quilting? Around 2002.

Why do you stitch? Because it is my passion, simple and clear!

Do you have a favourite colour? Not really, but I do like fabrics that look old!

How big is your stash? How long is a piece of string, lol!

How many reels of thread do you have? Same as above!

Do you prefer hand or machine stitching? Machine most of the time.

How many hours a day do you sew? Depends on life, but as much as I can.

Do you have a day job? Evening cleaning to pay for my fabric.

What are you working on just now? In the planning stages as just finished a lap quilt for a friend who has breast cancer.

Do you have a top tip for our readers? Enjoy your sewing and don't get bogged down with measuring and worrying, just enjoy!

Do you teach, and if so what is your favourite subject? No, but would love to!

Do you have a website or blog? Can you tell us about it? No, but you have given me food for thought!