Jester Bag


  • 7 x 21in outer fabric
  • 7 x 21in contrasting lining fabric
  • 12in length of ribbon
  • 1 1/4in brass curtain ring
  • 4 small bells

Finished Size

Approx 5 1/2 x 10in

Skill Level


This is a great project for a quick gift. Thanks very much to Doris and Irene for the pattern and photos.

Cutting Instructions

  1. Fold your outer fabric in half lengthwise and place the template on the fold.
  2. Cut one piece of fabric for the bag outer.
  3. Repeat for the lining fabric.
  4. You will now have two matching bag pieces.

Assembling the Bag

  1. Place the two unfolded pieces right sides together, and sew all the way round, leaving a gap to turn through.
  2. Clip the points and notch the bottom of the V.
  3. Turn through, and slipstitch the gap closed.
  4. Take the length of ribbon and loop it through a brass ring. If you are using split rings, you can add the ring later.

  1. Fold your bag outsides together, in half as shown on the template, and enclose the end of the ribbon into the seam at one side. The ribbon and ring will hang inside the bag.

  1. Sew down each side from the base to where the points start.
  2. Turn bag right way out. Ribbon and ring are now free on the outside.

  1. Make a base by joining the bottom corners together on the outside. Squash the base flat to make a fairly square base.
  2. Sew a bell, or more than one, or a bead, onto each point at the top.
  3. Thread these points through the brass ring to close the bag.