Myfanwy Hart is an acclaimed British textile artist, specialising in machine embellishing, hand dyed fabrics and threads.

Myfanwy runs creative textile workshops in Hampshire and across Britain. She has a beautiful and informative website, which incorporates her wonderful Creative Diary, hand dyed fabric and threads shop, details of all her workshops and a number of free tutorials. You can find out more about her, get tips about embellishing machines and techniques for free, or sign up for her amazing Creative Diary for only £10 for the year at

Myfanwy has great enthususiam for her craft, as she says on her website, "I can still remember the first moment I saw a demonstration of dyeing.  I was fascinated and amazed at the way in which the colours mingled and created effects I had previously never imagined.  It was a quick demonstration and included a small piece of my own fabric – a piece of well washed sheeting.  The colours were not ones I would have chosen, but the demonstration was enough to make me dream of possibilities and think about colour combinations."

"That was a good number of years ago now.  Since that time I have  dyed many thousands of pieces of fabric and millions of metres of thread and yarn.  Each time I embark upon another batch of dye mixing I learn something new.  I have learnt so much about colour, which I know would have been impossible to learn in any other way."

A textile embellished collage using scrim, muslins and free machine embroidery by Myfanwy Hart

Myfanwy is also an expert in dry machine felting, and wrote the first book about using embellishing machines in textile art, 'The Embellisher, Let's Get Started' in 2006. There are a limited number of copies still available, but for those who prefer a more visual learning style, Myfanwy also shares her creative know-how in the Colouricious Inspired Embellishing Level 1 and Level 2 DVDs. You can get a taste of the style and learn how to create new surfaces with an embellishing machine and Myfanwy in this clip from the Inspired DVD on Youtube.

These DVDs are a great resource, and better value than ever as this series is now on special offer. All the Inspired Textile art series are now half price, so you can buy both dvds for the original price of Inspired Embellishing Level One, effectively getting Level Two for free. Myfanwy also featured in the Colouricious TV series Talking Threads, demonstrating how you can hand dye fabrics at home, and showed how to create a delightful Christmas stocking using felt and an embellisher in the Talking Threads Christmas Special. The Talking Threads series are also reduced, you can buy the series and the Christmas special on two DVDs for only £11.