How did you start quilting? I had to stop knitting and so I took up quilting in 2006.

Why do you stitch? I love seeing the end results, and it can be pass on from Generation to Generation

Do you have a favourite colour? More a range which is Autumn colours

How big is your stash? I don't think it big enough by DH says it way too much

How many reels of thread do you have? Near 200

Do you prefer hand or machine stitching? Have to machine as unable to do it by hand

Are you a member of any groups? I run a online yahoo quilting group and I have just found a quilting group not too far from me

How many hours a day do you sew? It depends as I am not always able to sew due to health so if I average it out I guess a couple of hours a day

What are you working on just now? I just finished some blocks for a lotto on my quilting group, plus doing some blocks which I keep 18 and duplicate 18 will go to the USA

Do you have a website or blog? Can you tell us about it?  and my group