1.Take five fat quarters, make four blocks, your choice and size for front and back

2. Add border to each set of four, the add wide strips either SIDE of each set of four and a wide piece to one other edge

3. Do same to other set of four, and join the two pieces to make one large long piece

4. Cut a lining slightly bigger than the patched piece and quilt if desired, add a pocket or pockets at this stage if required

5. Quilt front piece of bag as required. Just put the wadding behind and quilt, lay the lining and top out one on top of other and trim to same size. Cut out handles. I place a piece of wadding in centre fold raw edge in then the folded edge and topstitch

6. Sew side seams together on front and lining then box the corners. You need where I am pointing to come together to make a triangle

7. Fold the corner like this. Depending how much of a box you want the bag to be is the size of triangle you sew. Cut yourself a piece of paper as a guide so all corners are the same

8. Sew across several times for strength. Voila, boxed corners, now do the lining to match

9. 'Vincent' those ears. Handle placement then place outer bag inside lining RST

10. Push bag right inside so it lays flat at the bottom, pin round top of bag leaving a large enough gap to be able to turn whole thing through when sewn

11. Here is the gap I left. Pull bag through, push the corners nice and tidy inside lining and outer bag; give the handles a good yank to make sure they are right through

12. Pin round top again and top stitch closing gap as you go, stitch a couple of times about quarter inch apart. Tada front view done

Tada and backside done, and here's a photo of Tessa's bag, which started the whole thing off.