Here then is how I finish the EDGES of my Postcards. You will think I am a fussy old bird, but this is how I do every single one, I do like them to look nice and acceptable.

Choose back
1. I am auditioning fabric for the back, plus there is a piece of Bondaweb and pelmet Vilene. Don't forget the wrong side of your fabrics, that could be just what you are looking for. I opted to use the lilac mix fabric for the back.
Fix backing
2. Pressing the Bondaweb to the back of the picture.
Trim edges
3. I have already pressed the pelmet Vilene, to the fabric I shall use for the address side, and am now trimming the edges.
Peel off backing
4. Peeling off the Bondaweb's backing
Pelmet vilene
5. Placing the pelmet covered Vilene onto the Bondawebbed front
Press well
6. Pressing well to stick it down.
Trim vilene
7. Trimming off the excess Vilene, there is always a bit over the edges
Ready to stitch
8. Ready to stitch edges
Choosing thread
9. Auditioning thread for edge, I like this one it kind of matches the Dragonfly
Machine settings
10. Machine showing how it is set for first round of stitching
Open zigzag
11. I use an open zigzag to go round first to set the edges
Loose threads
12. All edges zigzagged but look, some stray ends always appear
Snip threads
13. So I take my trusty curved scissors and snip them all away, it is now ready to have the closed zigzag stitching done, or satin stitch if you prefer
Machine settings
14. Machine showing the settings I have altered for the satin stitching
Off we go
15. And off we go
Start to turn
16. About an inch from the corner I start to 'turn' the card
Swing around corner
17. See what I mean, just swing it round so when you hit the corner
The corner
18. You are at a 90degree angle, like a mitre if you see what I mean
Swing around corner
19. Now swing it round straight and continue stitching down the long edge.
Start next corner
20. Another corner coming up, start swinging that card.
21. To get the mitre edge again, it doesn't look as though your stitches have altered on the card, so don't go looking for a mitre, go all the way round but swinging it at all four corners.
22. Hmm this hasn't come out very well, I wanted you to see that occasionally you get a little white showing through at the corners, or indeed sometimes along the long edges...what to do?
Colouring in!
23. Get your kids or in my case, my GD's felt tips and use a colour that matches your thread, colour over the white and no-one will ever know your stitching didn't cover the corners perfectly!! Neat trick huh! You will never have whitey corners again folks.
Add some sparkle
24. OK, its all nice and zigzagged round the edges, but this is where sometimes I feel it needs, just a little more. So I get my sparkly threads, and wind some onto a bobbin. Yep, a bobbin.
Using sparkle in the bobbin
25. I alter my TOP TENSION to a higher number, because I want the bobbin thread to run smooth, if I leave it at a normal tension it will pull tight. No good.
Open up stitch
26. I alter the width and length, I open them up, I do not want a satin stitch for this, it is just a decorative sparkle I am after.
Open zigzag
27. Again not a good picture, sorry, it is just showing you the OPEN zigzag I use to go round, ON THE BACKSIDE of the card, remember the BOBBIN has the thread you want to see on the front of the card so you have to work UP SIDE DOWN. You get used to it.
28. Showing the open stitch on back of card, sparkle thread is underneath don't forget.
All finished
29. TA DA! All finished ready to post.
30. And the other side.