I have been asked several times 'How do you make your cards?' So, to answer everyone who has, I have taken photographs as I made one, and this is the result. I do hope you are able to follow it successfully, that it is clear enough for you, and that you will ask me if anything is not easily understood.

You will obviously have a different machine to me so will have to adjust yours as near to what I did - if you wish to - to get the same results.

If this has made your postcard making easier do let me know. I know there are lots of lessons on the web for the postcards, mine is just literally MY WAY of making these little works of art.


Items required
1. Items you need to make your dragonfly card or picture
Dragonfly template
2. Dragonfly template, size as required
Check both sides of fabric
3. Always look at both sides of your fabric, on this piece, I prefer the back, it is lighter.
Template placement
4. Place your dragonfly template in the desired position on the card.
Ordinary sewing machine set up
5. Sewing machine set up for normal sewing, will need to make some adjustments for free machine embroidery.
Free machine sewing set up
6. Top tension set to 3, stitch width and length set to 0, feed dogs down.
Attach a free motion foot
7. Use a free machine foot.
Start stitching
8. Bring bobbin thread up to front, and start stitching along the dragonfly outline, through the paper.
Stitching outline
9. Stitch the other side of the dragonflies body.
Tear the paper from the outside edge
10. Tear the paper from outside the shape first.
Remove paper from inside the template
11. Carefully remove the inside of the template.
Reuse of template
12. You can stitch around the body and wings separately if you wish. Look after the paper dragonfly shape for future use. You should be able to reuse it several times, by placing it on the background fabric and carefully stitching around the outside.
The basic dragonfly shape
13. The basic dragonfly shape.
Stitching wings
14. Start stitching wings in random lines, not too straight, and not all close together. Do each wing separately.
Horizontal stitching of wings
15. Horizontal stitching of wings completed.
Vertical stitching
16. Now stitch down each wing.
Stitch around wing
17. Stitch around each wing several times to enhance it.
18. This is the back of the card.
Sparkle on bobbin
19. The sparkle thread is on the bobbin, so we'll work upside down.
Stitching from the back
20. Stitching from the back.
Still the reverse
21. This is still the back of the card, with the stitching in the wings across and down as before. Each wing is stitched separately.
The front so far.
22. The front of the card, showing sparkle threads on the wings.
Mark edges of card
23. Sew large stitches around the "edges" of the card, so you will know where to stop quilting.
24. Back of card again.
Add beads.
25. You see what a difference some beads make! This is now ready to have the edges done.
The sparkle
26. I think this picture shows the 'sparkle' clearer.

Here we are at the end of the basic assembly of your card. Now it is time to do those edges. See Jan's Postcard Tutorial Part Two for information on the way I do mine. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson so far.