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1. Notepads, very handy, but don't they look boring like this? Why not make a cover for them? All of a sudden they look smart, here is how to do it.
Choosing Fabric
2. I cut the fabric roughly an inch bigger all round than the notepad, I opened it right out, the notepad that is, when I measured, you have to allow for the centre spine thingy.
Fabric and wadding
3. Fabric for cover, I'm using the right AND wrong side of same fabric, little bit of thin wadding.
4. A little bit of quilting................
5. Pocket goes here, just fold a rectangle in half and stitch in place.
Wrong side for lining
6. That is the wrong side of the fabric, but I like it.
Make a strip
7. Make a strip for the top of pad, you will see later why, nothing fancy, no need.
Place strip
8. Place the strap just made about third of the way up and stitch ends down...
Layer pieces
9. Place the quilted piece made earlier on top of this pocket piece, right sides together so to speak.
Stitch around edges
10. Stitch nearly all round, leave gap for turn through, I have to leave a BIG gap, dodgy hands!!!
Stitched around
11. Stitched round.
12. In the corners, I go across several times, making it easier to poke the corners out later.
Turn through
13. Turn through, I use a big knitting needle for the corners.
Stitch the gap up
14. Stitch the gap up.
Watch the foot
15. Watch out for the machine foot slipping under the strip.
Check foot
16. Machine foot in the right place.
Check foot
17. Make sure foot is OVER strip.
Stitch across the middle
18. Do a row of stitching across the middle.
19. Finished.
20. Opened for you to see inside.
21. Sideways, see the pen?
Pieced cover
22. A different version with a pieced cover.