Shared interest and teamwork have been a recurring theme this month. From our visit to the fabulous Festival of Quilts to judging all the stunning entries in our group design competition, the emphasis has largely been on collaborations of the craftiest kind. 
As a Festival of Quilts virgin, my trip to this year’s show was quite a revelation! As many of you will know, the exhibition is an explosion of colour and creativity all wrapped up in an irresistible energy. Like the quilts at the centre of the festival, the energy is almost tangible, as literally thousands of people are brought together through their shared passion for quilting, sewing, and all things textile. 

The many quilts on show were a vibrant mix of styles and designs from talented artists of all ages and nationalities. And, exciting as it is to see the work of designers you have long admired, some of the most stunning quilts were by crafters who remain relatively unknown, but for a simple name check by their quilt; and for me that’s what makes shows like this so special. For a taste of what was on show, see our selection of the winning quilts on page 8.
Offering a much quieter energy, the quilts and projects in this issue are a calm collection of makes designed to take you gently into autumn. Forest Stars and Facing West quilts share this month’s cover, by designers Janet Goddard and Mandy Munroe. Inside we have the beautiful Aspen Branches quilt, the latest offering from textile designer and quilter Amy Butler  followed by a Q&A where Amy shares her love of travel, latest inspirations and current projects. 

Stuart Hillard reveals part 2 of his Mystery quilt and Diana Woolf explores the tragic tale of Joe the Quilter. With all this and much more, I trust you will enjoy this issue and find plenty of projects to take you into autumn. 

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