As the softer days of summer arrive (in theory at least) I want my surroundings to reflect the season. Before you know it any cushion, vase or picture with more than a hint of winter are banished to cupboards and replaced with their brighter counterparts. Although my family roll their eyes as I whip rugs from under them, they tend to let me get on with it in peace! I love it ‒ especially when I bring out the summer quilts!
And it is that sense of summer we have brought to you in this issue. Packed with floral inspiration, the quilts and projects this month are a vibrant mix; from the fresh and modern design of Stuart Hillard’s gorgeous Flight of the Bumblebee quilt (page 46), to the timeless quality of Alice Garrett’s Seminole quilt (page 50), which all but sighs ‘lazy days of summer’. 
I waited with baited breath for the Seminole quilt to arrive, and when it did it didn’t disappoint! The colours and design choice epitomise all things Liberty and has gone straight to the top of my ‘make’ list. Find out more about Alice’s love a air with Liberty fabrics in Sophie Harper’s interview A Life in Liberty (page 58).
And finally, last month you will have seen our call-out to all sewing and quilting groups to join in with our design competition! With just a few spaces left, get your creative juices flowing and take inspiration from the pages of this gorgeous summer issue and see how to enter on page 87 ‒ be quick though as entries are limited!