David & Charles £15.99

ISBN: 978-0-7153-3525-3 (s/b, 144 pages)

This book arrived five minutes before I set off on my annual journey to QuiltsUK at Malvern. I gave it a quick read that evening and realised then that the title doesn’t fully convey what this book is about. Sunday morning I was an early bird at the Show and there I saw a lovely quilt by Pauline Ineson and met the author herself. I was also lucky enough to watch her demonstrating some of the techniques in this book. If you love using your sewing machine, but only use it for basics and you are not sure what else it can do, this book will help you explore possible uses of all those decorative stitches. There are over 35 well-explained machine techniques and whether you choose to make a quilt or a smaller projects, there are lots of exciting ideas. Try trapunto, adding tucks to your fabric, appliqué, cording and pulled thread work as well as twin or wing needle with decorative stitches. I would not have believed it so easy to sew in circles with the help of only a drawing pin and a piece of sticky tape; you can even make your own lace. If you do want to make a bed quilt, Pauline suggests you make individual blocks and join them using the ‘quilt as you go‘ method. This book will help you get to know more about what your sewing machine can do and to create work that you will treasure for many years to come. Pauline’s wonderful quilt at the Show won the Bed Quilt and Visitor’s Choice awards. I am looking forward to her next book!