Hope Quilts for Alberta was set up after a late evening phone call from my friend Moyra. Her idea was that we must do something to help the people of Fort McMurray as we are both quilters. It started as a little idea as a matter of helping out the people over there who have lost everything as we had a visit from several quilters from Canada a couple of years ago, also when researching into it I found out several amazing facts about the support that Canadian Quilters had given during WW2

During World War 2 there were many quilts sent from Canada to Britain and Europe and in a six week period during the autumn of 1944, the country sent 25,000 quilts to Britain and Europe for the relief effort via the Red Cross.

As I am computer literate I set up the Facebook page, Quilts For Fort McMurray and got in touch with a group in Fort McMurray. I am working on getting word out now. There have been some very generous people who have given fabric and quilt tops as well as a couple of quilts and hopefully I will have enough to send over by the end of the summer. However this is going to be an ongoing project for the next twelve months or so.  After that I hope to carry it on (if I get some support) to make quilts and perhaps (should a similar disaster happen again) have quilts ready to send.

At the moment I have lots of fabric donated and hope with available space I will be able to set up some Quilting Bees locally, so people can work when they wish during the day in drop in sessions. I have collected quilts from Malvern ,Doughty’s acted as a collection point, a lovely lady called Linda  donated loads from her local group Dell Farm Quilters of Knowle; I was visiting Birmingham so was able to collect them.  Also I have had the entire stash of a lady called Kirsten, originally from Edmongton Alberta and now in St Ives in Cambridgeshire.  One of the local groups here left a stash at Doughty’s.

Please join our facebook group if you would like to help.