Sunitha is well on her way to becoming an active member of our lively forum. She's already joined us in our "Underground Railway"  series. Sunitha won a set of Fabric Freedon Genoa fat quarters by joining the Popular Patchwork website in November.

Sunitha says, "I am excited about winning the November Join Prize from Popular Patchwork. This site is great and very informative. I am new to all these forums and swaps and what not - I am slowly moving around, learning and finding it very informative and helpful. The ladies out there are very helpful. I have found quite a few useful tips for which I am thankful. I liked the idea of making a block per month. I intend doing the bocks. In short it is a great, wonderful site which I accidentally stumbled upon."

I am from the South of India from a place called Coimbatore - no quilting groups nor quilt shops nor any help. I have some lovely quilter friends who got me interested and now quilting is a great passion even though I started out about a little more than a year ago. I went for some classes in Singapore and they are great people who have been halping me all along. So this is a lovely site - been looking at new ways and new things. GREAT. Lovely to be here and thanks once again.