There has been a massive worldwide response to the disastrous bushfires in Australia over the past few weeks, we've all seen the photographs and news reports showing ordinary people who have lost everything in these devastating blazes.
One quilter has really thought about what she could do to help in these circumstances. Hexagons of Hope is asking quilters across the world to send EPP hexagons to Australia, as hexagons of hope for crafts people who have lost their work and materials in the bushfires. The website has all the information you might need, from templates to postage instructions, so if you'd like to join in, just follow the link above.
Lots of members here at Popular Patchwork have contributed hexies to this worthy cause, come and chat to some of them in our forum, in the Hexagons of Hope thread.
If hexagons aren't your thing, there's also The Bush Fire Quilt Project, who are collecting 12.5" square 'wonky star' blocks with cream or pale backgrounds. You will need to visit the flickr group to get all the details, just follow the link above for more information. Ros has produced a great tutorial for these blocks, you can read all about it in Ros' Wonky Stars.
These "wonky stars" were made by Ros, Janet, and Tessa. All the stars need to be sent to Australia by the end of March, so if you'd like to join in, please start soon!