Size: 58" square



Fabrics from the Dew and Moss collection from Art Gallery Fabrics, or to your choice:

  • 50cm Playful Mini Bunting (DWM-45605) – white
  • 25cm Starry Orange You (DWM-45603) – peach hearts
  • 25cm Moss’s Snail Mail (DWM-45606) – green hearts
  • 75cm Daisy Button Buds (DWM-45608) – peach
  • 75cm Gnomes’ Mushroom Homes (DWM-45610) – olive
  • 1m Bugsy and Posy (DWM-45611) – orange
  • 25cm Dew’s Cloth Line (DWM-45601) – pale green
  • 75cm Glowy Bosque (DWM-45604) – dark green
  • 50cm Fusible web e.g. Bondaweb
  • 65" Square wadding
  • 65" Square backing

Find instructions to make this quilt in the Winter issue of P&Q