Evie Harris is gathering hearts for Christchurch. Not heart blocks in the quilting sense but ‘hanging’ hearts. These are basically two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered, quilted, plain or fancy, felt or fabric or anything goes, then add a loop at the top.
Evie's Hearts 
You can make your hearts any size, but for ease of postage, envelope size is a good measurement. Evie will also accept hearts sent unstuffed and flat to save on postage costs. In this case, leave an opening and add a note “Please stuff me”! Evie has a couple of non sewing helpers ready to take on stuffing duty. You can choose to sign the hearts on the back and add a message. It would be nice to have at least the area they come from. This is just a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time. A heart is a symbol of caring and as Evie says, we all feel an overpowering desire to do something.
Evie says, "The hearts will be taken to Christchurch. One idea gathering strong support is to hang them all together for a period of time. The people of Christchurch will be able to see where the hearts come from and read any messages on them. Given the destruction in Christchurch it is not possible to confirm a venue or timing at this stage. Much will depend on the number of hearts that arrive. A display of  hearts would be a powerful thing. The hearts will then be given to as many Christchurch people as possible. Christchurch may decide to keep them together so all can see them, or, if, we get 400,000 everyone can get one!"
Send your hearts to Hearts for Christchurch, c/o Evie Harris, 523 Main North Road, Bay View , Napier 4104, New Zealand. For the latest information on the appeal, visit Evie's blog, heartsforchristchurch.blogspot.com