Heart to Heart


  • 50cm (1⁄2yd) of main fabric
  • One fat quarter of coordinating fabric
  • 35cm (14in) square of fusible web
  • Thread for sewing
  • 35cm (14in) cushion pad or filling
  • Fabric pencil

Sew Safe Remember that an iron gets very hot so be very careful when using; please ask an adult to help you.


  1. For the cushion front, cut two 7 1⁄2in squares from the main fabric (pieces 1 and 3) and two 7 1⁄2in squares from your coordinating fabric (pieces 3 and 4).
  2. Right sides up, place a main fabric square on a flat surface such as a table or the floor. Place one of your coordinating squares next to it. Then below the main fabric, place a coordinating square and below the coordinating square place a main fabric square. See Figure 1.
  3. Sew the top two squares together and then sew the bottom two squares together; press the seams in opposite directions. Sew the pairs of squares together. You should now have a 14 1⁄2in cushion front.
  4. Make a heart template and trace onto paper and cut out the four sections (remember to include the seam allowance at the joins). Cut out the contrasting heart segments and sew the top section together and then the bottom section. Finally join the top and bottom to give you a completed heart. (Figs 2a and b).
  5. Take the heart shape and trace onto bondaweb. Iron (warm setting) the rough side of the bondaweb onto the wrong side of the heart shape (Figs 2a and b). Peel off the backing to the bondaweb and place the heart shape on the front of the cushion panel and iron in place. See Figure 3.
  6. Using either a small zigzag stitch or a narrow satin stitch, stitch around the outline of the heart shape. Press your cushion front. See Figure 4.


  1. To make the cushion back cut two pieces of fabric 11 x 14 1⁄2in from your main fabric. On one long edge of each piece, fold a 1⁄4in hem over to the wrong side, press and then stitch in place.
  2. Place the cushion front, right side up and mark two 10 1⁄2in marks from the corners (see Figure 5). Take one of the cushion back pieces and, right sides together, place it on the edge of the cushion front between corners 1 and 2 with the hem towards the 10 1⁄2in marks. Take the other back piece and, right sides together, place it on the other edge of the cushion front between corners 3 and 4 with the hem facing corners 1 and 2. Pin the pieces in place. Note: Your backing pieces will overlap. 
  3. Sew all round the cushion edge. Turn the cushion right side out through the hemmed edges and then fill with your cushion pad or stuffing. Plump it up and you have the perfect Valentine gift!

First published in Popular Patchwork February 2009