Kay saw this video on YouTube & thought it sounded like a fun idea!

The idea is that you make up a load of Half Square Trianges (HST), using HST paper & leave them folded up with the paper still on them for the swap. That way the receiver gets to open up the little triangles & have the surprise of the lovely fabrics. You can write your name on the paper so that everyone knows who it is from.

For anyone who doesn't know a HST is a square made up of 2 triangles of different fabrics, one light & one dark. There are loads of patterns using them or they can be used for borders, etc.

We're looking for people who are interested in doing a swap. Kay is happy to run this swap on a monthly basis if enough people want to join in, with a different theme/colour each month. All you have to do is let Kay know on the Half Square Triangle thread if you're interested & send the HST by a certain date so she can get them mixed up & sent back out to everyone.

The swap involves swapping 36 HST. This may sound like loads but as each A4 printout of the 2" finished size paper gives 18 HST, this is only 2 sheets & will probably take less than an hour to make (excluding fabric choosing time) as there is no trimming to size needed.

You then send them all to Kay with an SAE (with real stamps on not the post office printable ones, and checked for weight) & she'll swap them all up with everyone else's & post your new 36 triangles back to you.

How to use HST paper

  • Lay your light & dark fabrics together, right side facing, with the lighter colour on the top.
  • Pin your HST paper firmly on top.
  • Sew along the dotted line all the way around. This can be done almost in one go.
  • Then cut along the solid lines & voila you're done!
  • If you write your name on the paper then everyone will know who they are from
  • When you receive your triangles to use them you'll need to remove the paper, press open, snip off the bunny ears & sit back & marvel at the beautiful fabrics your PP friends have.

The free printable HST paper has got a 1" scale on it, which you will need to check. The first couple of times we tried to print it, it wasn't coming out perfectly, but it's an easy solve as your computer & printer are just scaling it to try to make the page fit to the whole sheet of paper. When you send it to your printer you may need to turn page scaling off in the printer settings.

If you need Kay's address, just send her a private message, and for those in the 2015 PP Birthday Club, she is on list. If anyone living outside of the UK wants to join in then Kay is happy to sort out something as you can't send a SAE with your HSTs.

Swap details

March - Our first swap was "quilters choice", so no particular colours, just good quality 100% cotton quilting fabric, but no seasonal prints (Christmas, Halloween, etc). HSTs to arrive with Kay by 30th March

April - The theme for this month is Spring (not the coiled type). HSTs to arrive with Kay by 30th April

May - The theme for this month is Sweet Shop. HSTs to arrive with Kay by 31st May

June - The theme for this month is Land and Water, HSTs to arrive with Kay by 30th June

July/August - The theme for both July and August (one swap over two months) is Vintage Pottery/China, HSTs to arrive with Katy (not Kay) by 31st August.

September  -The theme for September is 'My Favourite Quilt'. HSTs to arrive with Kay by 30th September

October - Christmas, with the option of a HST Challenge to use these to make something in December. HSTs to Kay by 30th October

November - Dotty/Spotty. HSTs to Kay by 30th November

December - Cool colours. HSTs to Kay by 31st January

January - Warm colours. HSTs to Kay by 31st January

March - Spring colours. HSTs to Kay by 31st March

June - Wild Flowers. HSTs to Katy by 30th June

Last thoughts

  • Please use 100% cotton quilting fabric
  • Please ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the light & the dark. For example yellow & cream together isn't going to give enough contrast when it is incorporated into a quilt block
  • And last but not least please don't send anything that you wouldn't be delighted to receive yourself. Bearing that in mind you won't be getting any of your own squares back so you might want to make extra for yourself (I did)