Ann Hill and Alzheimer Scotland have set the date for a record making attempt as 6th October 2012 and the day will run from 10am to 4 pm with at least half an hour for your packed lunch. This event will produce quilts for the Hampden Park Quilt Project 2013, a fundraising event for Alzheimer Scotland as well as raise awareness of this deserving cause.

To achieve a record everyone has to be sewing to the same pattern (this will be available on Ann's website at and it is a good idea to have all the fabrics cut before you get to the event to save time and also the binding sewn together as one long binding strip. The quilt has to contain three layers so this one is not suitable for fleece backing.

The pattern is a simple quilt with a nine patch of 10” squares in the middle surrounded by a 1 ½” (cut at 2”) inner border and a 4 ½” (cut at 5”) outer border. Layered and quilted in the ditch at both sides of the inner border and between the squares. The binding is a 2 ½” cut and folded over and sewn on by machine and finished either by machine or hand. You can see some of the completed quilts from the dummy run on Ann's blog.

Please let Ann know if your quilt group will be taking part. There is also the opportunity of 3 quilters (which makes an official group) simply getting together in someone's home and taking part in the challenge. You just need to stick to the rules of making the standard quilt and starting at 10 and finishing at 4. You then need to let Ann know how many completed quilts were made. You can either phone, email or write to the numbers and address below.

Mettler Threads have offered to give each group some threads to help out on the day and these can be picked up at Festival of Quilts from Amann/Mettler Stand where Dawn Cameron-Dick will also be happy to receive any quilts you have already made for the project. Simply tell Dawn that you are part of the Alzheimer Quilt Project and she will give you a reel of cotton.

The oldest quilter to be taking part is 92 and is part of the North Berwick care home quilters. She sews on an old Singer ‘turn the handle’ sewing machine and is loving every minute of it. Ann would love to hear from anyone who can identify anyone older.

The Kilbirnie Quilters laid down a challenge with their intention of making 75 quilts to cover a whole row on the football pitch. (All of the 600+ quilts donated so far can be seen on my website.) Well, Carrick Quilters have risen to the challenge as have Clarencefield Quilters and the Glasgow Gathering. The group that makes the most quilts will be invited to lay the first quilts on the pitch next year so come on quilt groups, let’s see who can win......

Many, many thanks from all at Alzheimer Scotland for your support. For more information contact:

Ann Hill, (Region 16 Rep for Dumfries and Galloway)

Quilter in Residence, Alzheimer Scotland

Mouswald House, Mouswald, Dumfries, DG1 4LT

01387 830638 or 07702 555646