Please note: It seems that the flying geese in January's block of the month have not been behaving themselves. We published an early version of the instructions which stated a smaller version of the squares used to create the geese and these measurents are incorrect. Barbara's updated and correct version of the cutting instructions is as follows:

Large block (colourful square): 4 1/4in

Small block (white) 2 3/8in

This should give you sets of geese that fit perfectly around the 6.5 inch centre block. It is possible to complete the block with the smaller geese but you will need to add some extra geese and background fabric around the border. Thank you for your patience and for those of you that have managed to complete the block with some ingenuity and adjustment - well done! If you run into any difficulty working through the new instructions please drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.

You may wish to appliqué the centre square before constructing the Flying Geese. A floral design might be more to your taste – or even more bugs! I was in a light-hearted mood when designing the blocks.

Template free flying geese

Set out pieces
1. Cut out the pieces according to Cutting Instructions in the magazine. Squares for ONE set of 4 Flying Geese, plus centre background square, shown. .
Prepare Flying Geese
2. Pin 2 small background squares on larger coloured square, RS facing. Draw diagonal line across centre, plus 1/4 in seam lines each side of line, as shown. .
Stitch each side of line
3. Stitch 1/4in on both sides of centre line.
Chain piece units
4. I chain pieced all the units.
Cut apart
5. Cut apart on marked diagonal centre line.
6. Press seams towards background fabric to reveal 'bunny ears.'
7. Press
Mark small square
8. Mark a small background square as shown. Place on sewn unit.
Stitch each side of line
9. Stitch 1/4in on both sides on drawn line.
Cut apart
10. Cut apart on centre drawn line. Repeat with remaining unit and small white square.
Complete Geese
11. You need 24 Flying Geese to complete the block.
Geese in progress
12. Set of Geese in progress
13. Geese.
Snip 'tails'
14. Snip 'tails'.
Geese sets
15. Stitch four sets of 4 Flying Geese together plus four sets of 2 Flying Geese together, noting colour changes as geese 'fly' around the block. Watch the points. Press in one direction towards point.
Set out units
16. Set out the 4-patch and 2-patch units, as shown.
Stitch Geese to centre
17. Stitch one set of 4 Geese to centre background square.
Stitch Geese to centre
18. Stitch one set of 4 Geese to centre background square.
Stitch Geese to centre
19. Stitch one set of 4 Geese to centre background square.
Stitch second set
20. Stitch a second set to opposite side. Press seams towards centre.
Stitch side
21. Stitch one long pieced unit to side of pieced centre square, as shown.
Stitch next side
22. Add second long pieced unit to other side. Press long seams open.
Pieced Block
23. Pieced block awaits the appliqué.
Applique design
24. Tape design (RS uppermost) to light box or window. Tape block (RS uppermost) to design sheet, as shown. Centre the design. Lightly draw 'skeleton' of design onto RS of background.
Bondaweb components
25. Refer to detailed fusible web appliqué instructions in magazine for preparing stem, leaves and buds.
Iron on motifs
26. If happy with positioning – iron fused motifs onto background square. Remember this block will be set diagonally into the quilt.

A chance to engage your creativity! Refer to your manual as settings vary on machines. Set machine to tiny zig-zag, narrow blanket-stitch or narrow satin satin-stitch. Use stitches and machine embroidery thread of choice. I used #40 weight Madeira machine embroidery thread. Loosen top tension slightly.

27. Pin a square of stabilizer such as 'Stitch 'n Tear' onto WS of block.
28. Embroider around motifs in order.
Work in order
29. i) blossom buds ii) sepals iii) Pods iv) Main Stem v) Main tendrils.
Embroider Tendrils
30. Embroider minor tendrils using a tiny straight stitch.
Finished Block
31. The Finished Block. Remove stabiliser and give WS of block a burst of spray starch. Press. 'Ee by gum – fresh peas!