Teamwork Craftbooks £10

ISBN: 978-0-9553499-3-5 (s/b, 96 pages)

This is a stunning book. Inspired by her trips to New Zealand, Gail Lawther created a series of 35 quilts, which some of you may have seen at the Festival of Quilts. Each of these quilts is a similar size, approx 40in long by 10in wide. The book showcases all of the quilts, along with notes on and photos of Gail’s inspiration. I found the book very informative and much more exciting than a standard ‘how-to’ book. There are instructions on how to make some of the quilts but I just loved seeing her working processes and was carried along by her sheer joy for the subject. As Gail says herself, she is doing a good job for the New Zealand Tourist Board! As this series of quilts was conceived to be used in a book like this, Gail has used a good variety of techniques. Unusually, there is a note on what binding was chosen for each quilt. Binding is often an after-thought but it can have such an impact on a quilt. As an added bonus, if you like the quilts, but don’t feel you can make them, Gail is offering to make them for you, for a surprisingly reasonable fee. I now want to make long narrow quilts and holiday in New Zealand!