Teamwork Craftbooks £18

ISBN: 978-0-95534-996-6

Having just bought the latest book by Gail Lawther, I have to say that it is so much better when you meet the person face to face and see the quilts illustrated in the book, hanging up together round the room. They look fantastic when you see them all there!
I was very impressed with Gail's first book and when I did a short workshop with her I found how easy it was to create a masterpiece of my own. Her idea of having a 10" by 1 metre (mixing my measurements here!) means that it can take shape quite quickly - that's what I like about them!
Her new book is no disappointment, it covers a tour of Britain and gives a variety of quilts from lots of places all over Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.
Gail has a good eye for design and there are lots of different quilts to inspire the reader - the problem is where to start?!
Having toured around Britain with her husband Chris (he says he takes the photos and she does the quilts!) there is surely something for everyone to hone in on, whether it's your home town or somewhere you have been on holiday - or something that just takes your fancy!
There are 24 main quilts with added projects, step by step instructions, templates, tips and variations and a techniques section - all nicely illlustrated. It is a good read too as it gives a bit of history about the background and local area which inspired each of the quilts.
If anyone has been to one of her workshops they will know how friendly and down to earth Gail is.
I think this book is especially memorable for me as she kindly signed it - you can't beat the personal touch! Truly a book to inspire and admire! She has her own website