It’s time to turn Christmas shopping on its head – anti-poverty charity ActionAid wants to save people from the endless hours of trawling for presents they’re not certain their loved ones actually want. While saving the world at the same time! Their Gifts in Action are completely unique and totally unexpected. They’ll make friends, families, colleagues and neighbours smile and feel great.

See Christmas differently

Gifts in Action give people the chance to surprise their sister with a sewing machine, give their best friend a goat or watch as their mum un-wraps a brand new classroom. Of course, the gift itself goes to someone who desperately needs it. What friends and family will receive in their hands is a beautiful card, telling them all about the amazing gift they’ve given to a child or a family living in one of the poorest parts of the world.

Make do and mend

This year’s brand new gift of a sewing machine which costs just £12 will help young girls like Nandar, 16, to join an ActionAid training project in Burma (Myanmar) to teach women and girls learn the arts of weaving, making handicrafts, bags and knitted items to sell. This crafty gift could help Nandar learn the skills she needs to work her way out of poverty – and get closer to her ambition of becoming a designer one day. Buying an inspiring life-changing gift is simple. To follow the easy steps to give the present that costs a little but gives such a lot just go to

More information

There is an online and printed catalogue of gifts available. Any questions friends and family might have about how Gifts in Action works are clearly explained inside the card they receive. The card is sent directly from ActionAid – there is no need for you to do anything once the order is placed.

All of the Gifts in Action in the catalogue represent aspects of broader, long-term ActionAid projects. As the need for funding can change in the communities where ActionAid works, they will make sure that that the donation is used wherever the need is greatest. ActionAid confirm that the projects detailed in the catalogue benefited from ActionAid support in the last year. ActionAid works in Africa, Asia and the Americas to end global poverty and injustice.