Free-Machine Quilting Made Easy by Eva A Larkin

That Patchwork Place £26.99

ISBN 9781564778829 (s/b 96 pages)

Eva Larkin’s approach to free machining quilting is very much based on the fact that if you focus on quilting the area under our needle rather than the whole quilt “you’ll feel more relaxed and in control”. By concentrating on small areas (she recommends starting with 4 1⁄2 in squares), and learning to quilt just eight simples shapes, she demonstrates all the various combinations of these shapes to produce 186 designs. She includes a useful section on getting your tension and stitch length right followed by some warm exercises to get you limbered up. The book includes black and white illustrations with directional arrows so that you can clearly see how the quilting design can be achieved fluidly. I liked her use of red and green dots to suggest when to pause and where to start. I particularly liked her inclusion of a trouble shooting section – a great help for quilters who don’t have an expert readily at hand! I would recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to feel in control of their quilting as it is sure to build your confidence.