Over the last year, Jan, our free motion quilting wizard has been taking part in an online FMQ challenge. Mal, Katy, Sandy and Claire have recently joined her in a quest to try and improve our own skills. We have set ourselves an additional challenge to swap some of our efforts, in the hope that this will encourage us to keep this up.

In November, Mal and Katy swapped pieces, as did Claire and Jan. Then we had three extra swaps from Katy to Sandy, Jan to Katy and Jan to Mal! Our January swaps were Mal to Sandy, Sandy to Jan, Jan to Laura, Laura to Katy, Katy to Claire and Claire to Mal.

Have a look at our practise and swap pieces here. If anyone else would like to join in just add to the thread, email or PM Katy, and we'll add you to the list!

If you have photos to add, please use this album, FMQ Playing Bigtime