Flower Garden Quilt


Designed and made by Janet Goddard

A rose-inspired quilt featuring delightful floral fabrics from the Bed of Roses collection from Makower.

((3 stars))

Size: 58" square       Block: 12" square


Fabrics from the Bed of Roses* collection from Makower, or to your choice:

  • 75cm Pistachio Bed of Roses (8985/G) 
  • 50cm Azure Zinnia (8994/T) 
  • 50cm Teal Sage (8990/T) 
  • 50cm Primrose Foxglove (8989/LE) 
  • 50cm Primrose Geranium (8993/LE)
  • 50cm Sweet Pink Sweet Mint (8987/LE) 
  • 50cm Primrose Lily of the valley (8991/LE) 
  • 30cm Greige Lily of the valley (8991/TL) 
  • 30cm Greige Geranium (8993/TL) 
  • 75cm Dusty Blue Dahlia (8986/T)
  • 3½m Denim Blue Linen Texture (1473/B7) – backing and binding
  • 62" Square wadding

*See end of project for supplier information