Welcome to the second session of the PP 2016 virtual retreat.

This session is will teach you how to create a pretty applique flower block. This block could be used in a quilt or for a cushion, or a bag

You need

  1. 13 inch square of background fabric
  2. Fabric for petals, a strip approx 3 1/2 in wide and 32in long (or enough scraps to cut 16 petals, each petal is 3 1/4in by 1 3/4in. Colour choice is up to you
  3. Orange/yellow fabric for flower centre (minimum of 5 1/2in square) 
  4. Fusible web
  5. Matching thread

Making the flower block

  1. Draw up the petal pattern from the diagram supplied. Note that each of the grid lines is 1/2 in apart.  
  2. Now trace the petal patterns onto the paper side of the fusible web (16 times) and cut out roughly. Iron onto the wrong side of the appropriate fabric and cut out accurately.
  3. Draw a 5 ins circle on the paper side of the fusible web and cut out roughly. Iron onto the centre fabric and cut out accurately.
  4. Find the centre of the background fabric by folding it in half and finger-pressing it in the middle, repeat in the other direction. 
  5. Do the same with the centre circle. 
  6. Match up the centres and mark the outline of the centre circle on the background fabric. Now you can place the petals in position, overlapping the bottom edge by approx 1/4in.
  7. Imagine the circle is a clock. Place a petal at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock and check that the centre circle will cover them before fusing in place.
  8. Now place one midway between each of these, check as before and fuse them in place. 
  9. Using either a zig-zag stitch or a buttonhole stitch and matching thread, sew round all the curved outer edges of all the petals. The inner edge does not need to be stitched, it will be covered by the centre later. Adding the petals like this means that you can sew them in place in one continuous go.
  10. Now put the remaining eight petals between those already in place. Once again check that the inner part will be covered by the centre, fuse and sew round the edges as before. Again you can sew in one continuous line. 
  11. Fuse the centre in position over the edges of all the petals and stitch round the edge.