Floretine Forest Quilt

Make a leafy quilt inspired by the hills and forests of Central Italy.
Tricia was asked by her friend Fiona to make a quilt for her wonderful house in the Casentino region of Central Italy. This is an area famous for its hills and forests. Some of the trees are immense and were historically used to provide the masts for the sailing ships of the Florentine Navy. The friends spent many hours wandering through the deep forest glades and, inspired by her surroundings, Tricia decided to make a quilt that reminded her of these walks.
Finished size: 206cm x 275cm (81'' x 108'')
Skill Level: Beginner
This project is an extract from Popular Patchwork magazine first published in February 2008. It is a Digital Edition and comes as a downloadable PDF file. You can buy a copy of this project here, Florentine Forest Quilt .