• 10in square of Tilda Memory Lane Solid Fabric Olive
  • 8in x 4in of each of Tilda Memory Lane Lucille Linen and Flowercloud DSlate
  • Fat Quarter each of Tilda Cabbage Rose Libby Pink, Rabbit and Roses Ginger, Tess Ginger, Memory Lane Tilly Blue and Lucille Olive
  • Fusible web
  • 18in square wadding
  • 18in square backing
  • 16in Cushion pad

Finished Size

Approx 15in square

Skill Level


Tilda have two lovely new ranges available this Autumn, Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane. Both are available in limited edition from Stitch Craft Create

Cabbage Rose is full of ginger and teal tones with raspberry highlights and inspired by colourful characters from the 1950’s like Lucille Ball and Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking. Whilst still being in the typical Tilda style, this range has a different feel to it.

Memory Lane features deep navy colours with accompanying mustard and light pink highlights in the floral details, these colours give it more on a vintage feel. It has the same patterns as those in Cabbage Rose, but it has a bit more of a sophisticated colour palette and more of a 1920’s feel to it, it takes inspiration from the era’s innovative fashion, jazz the Charleston and Art Deco style. It features playful bunnies playing amongst pink roses and subtle off-white colours which keep the range looking light and fresh.

This cushion is inspired by a group of friends who always buy each other gifts with flamingo motifs. We've had badges, socks, scarves, paperclips and all sorts of stuff, one of us even has a flamingo tattoo, but we've never had a cushion before!


  1. Print a copy of the flamingo template, and trace the outline onto the paper side of the fusible web. You'll need four flamingos in total, two facing left, and two facing right.
  2. Fuse a flamingo to the wrong side of each of the 8in x 4in fabrics, Memory Lane Lucille Linen and Flowercloud DSlate
  3. Cut an 8in by 4in section from the Cabbage Rose Libby Pink and Rabbit and Roses Ginger fat quarters and fuse a flamingo to each of these.
  4. Cut all four flamingos out neatly, you may wish to make their legs a little fatter! Place the flamingos to one side while you make the borders. I chose to quilt over the flamingos rather than finish them with satin stitch. If you would rather finish them in the usual way, fuse them and stitch in place before adding the borders.


  1. There are three borders of varying widths
  2. Cut four 2in strips from Memory Lane Tilly Blue for border one and add these to your centre Olive square
  3. Cut four 1 1/2in strips from Cabbage Rose Rabbit and Roses Ginger for border two and add to cushion top
  4. Cut four 1 1/2in strips from Memory Lane Lucille Olive for border three and add to cushion top

Fuse the Flamingos

Now that the cushion top borders are complete, fuse your flamingos into place. You may wish to intertwine the heads and necks of a couple of the birds, so play with the arrangement before you fuse into place permanently

Quilting and Finishing

  1. Layer up the top, wadding and backing, making a secure quilt sandwich. I used double sided fusible wadding, which was great for a cushion, and lovely to quilt by machine. I quilted matchstick quilting lines over the surface of the cushion top to secure the flamingos.
  2. Once you have finished quilting, trim the excess wadding and backing.
  3. The cushion has an envelope back. I used the Cabbage Rose Libby Pink and Tess Ginger fabrics to make each half of the back, each piece 16 1/2in x 13in approx for a generous overlap. I also use a 1/2in seam allowance when adding the envelope back to the cushion top.