Fray Check

No chance for frays

Fray Check from Prym consumables is a truly practical solution. Use it for seams or hems, collars or cuffs, jeans or cut outs. The transparent gel is easy to apply, simply leave it to dry and there will be no more frays. It is very useful for appliqué and is also the perfect emergency solution for buttonholes or runs, and it won't wash out.
Textile Repair Powder

Don't darn it, iron it!

Tears, holes, thinning spots are a nightmare for fabric lovers. Textile Repair Powder from Prym provides a quick remedy. Simply sprinkle the powder over the worn or damaged spot, apply a patch and iron on. The powder melts from the heat of the iron to attach both fabrics almost invisibly. Without a needle and thread, easy as that and with a lasting result.

Magical snag wizard

Magical Snag Wizard
This is a useful tool for repairing woolen items, and other instances where a snag is too large to thread through a needle. The snag wizard is extra thin and has a specially ground shaft, which grabs the snag and lets you twist the thread or loop around to pull it through to the reverse.
Mending Needle

Get that stitch

Perfect for catching an escaping stitch, the mending needle was this year's winner of the red dot design award for form and functionality. The mini latch hook at the tip secures any runs and leaves no trace of their undoing. A pulled thread is quickly secured on the inside. The non-slip handle provides a good grip for precision handling.